Video Management System CCTV

Genetec Omnicast Standard

Base Functionality
Up to 1 Archiver
Up to 50 Cameras
Alarm management
Plan Manager Basic
Zone Monitoring & IO Linking
Health Monitoring
Email support, Macros
Media Router, Audio
Camera Sequences, Motion detection
CCTV Keyboard
Archive Transfer, Edge recording & Trickling
Dewarping for panoramic camera
Support for Virtualization
Optional Functionality
Mobile phone and tablet apps
Analog Camera Connection (up to pro)
Analog monitor
Sipelia Communication Management

Genetec Omnicast Professional

Base Functionality
Up to 20 Archivers
Up to 250 Cameras
Multiple servers
Remote Security Desk
Camera Blocking
Optional Functionality
Active Directory (max 10 AD servers)
ADFS Support
DVR integration (including DVR plugins)
SDK integration
Web Service SDK Integration
Intrusion and Asset Mgmt Plugins
Threat Levels

Genetec Omnicast Enterprise

Base Functionality
Unrestricted Archivers
Unrestricted Cameras
Unrestricted scalability
Auxiliary Archiver
Hardware Matrix support
Optional Functionality
Unrestricted client connections (Security Desk, Web Client, Mobile apps)
Site Licenses (SDK, clients)
Federation (Main site)

Kiwi Security Analytics

Intrusion Detector
Object Detector
Camera Health Monitor
Privacy Protection
Privacy Protector
Business Intelligence
People Counter

Milestone XProtect® Corporate

Milestone XProtect® Expert

Milestone XProtect® Enterprise

Milestone XProtect® Professional/+

Milestone XProtect® Express/+